Welcome Back!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

We are so excited to start our 22nd school year at Al-Huda School, with the highest enrollment on record as we surpass 650 students in our preschool through 12th grades (an increase of 10% over last year). Allahu Akbar!

Allah subhanahoo wa ta'ala tells us in the Qur'an, "O you who have believed, if you support (the cause of) Allah He will support you and plant firmly your feet." At Al-Huda School, we are striving to help the cause of Allah by developing balanced and well-rounded students, who take Islam as a complete way of life and excel in everything they do. We consider you, as our partners in this noble endeavor, and hope and pray to Allah that He supports all of us, and makes us steadfast on this exciting, yet challenging journey.

As part of this partnership, we invite you to come and participate in our school activities, support our initiatives, and continuously give feedback as to how we can improve ourselves. Ar-Rasool sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam taught us in a Hadeeth, "The Deen (religion) is (sincere) advice." Please feel free to give us any advice you may have, throughout the year, on how we can make our school a better place for our students and families.

Once again, welcome to Al-Huda School! Let's work together this year as one united family, for the sake of Allah, to make our school the best ever! We can do it, with the help of Allah! Allahu Akbar!

-- Haroon Baqai, Principal of Al-Huda School