Virtual Schooling Resources

Hardware and Software Guide for Zoom and Canvas

Al-Huda School will be using Zoom and Canvas to provide online learning.

Basic Hardware Requirements

Please make sure you have one of the following devices available for your children to participate.

  • Desktop with webcam
  • Laptop with webcam
  • Chromebook with webcam
  • iPad
  • Android tablet with camera

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • For CANVAS hardware and software requirements, please click here –

  • For Zoom hardware and software requirements, please click here -

  • For Zoom software on Chromebook, please click here –

NOTE: Please use the internet to search how to figure out what operating system or the browser version you are using on your device to make sure your system is compatible with Zoom and Canvas.

Internet Speed Requirements

For Students – 2Mbps or higher per child (Upload and Download Speed)

Note: If you have more than 1 child attending a Zoom class at the same time the internet speed at home needs to be 2Mbps faster per child

How to check your internet speed at home

Note: If your internet speed is below the required number, please contact your internet provider and increase your speed

  • If your device is connecting to the internet via a wireless connection, please make sure you have no less than 3 bars on your signal strength meter.
  • Please move your device close to the wireless router to increase its signal strength.

Recommended Hardware

Headset with a built-in mic – This is important especially if you have more than one child attending a Zoom class at the same time. This will prevent audio issues for the other child(ren) in the house.

USB headset – Especially if you do not have a 3.5-millimeter connection on your device.


  • Any USB webcam with a resolution of 720p or higher.
    • Please make sure the webcam works with your operating system.