Administration of Medication

[Policy updated 8/14]

The procedures and polices for medication given to students on school grounds, during school hours have been updated to meet the Maryland State Department of Education’s guidelines and standards. We thank you for your patience and support as we make this transition. We believe these updated procedures will help us to better address and meet the safety needs of our students.

The Physician Medication Order Form (PMOF)

For any student who requires taking medication during school hours, the parents must bring in a completed Physician Medication Order Form (PMOF) to the Al-Huda School Health Suite. This must be done for every single medication that must be administered to a student. This includes any over the counter medications. We will need a completed PMOF for all over the counter medications.

The PMOF gives us authorization to administer the necessary medication to a student when needed.
The parent must have the physician or prescriber complete the PMOF form and the parent must turn
it to the Al-Huda School Health Suite.

We will only store the medication if the PMOF has been completed. We will not accept the medication if the form is incomplete or missing any information.

We will not accept any forms via fax or email. Additionally, parents cannot grant any permission for administering medication. If the student is in need of any medication and we do not have the necessary authorization, then the parents will be contacted and/or we may call 911 if there is a life-threatening emergency.

The form, prescription and medication must be turned in to the Health Suite IN-PERSON by the parent or guardian.

All medication must be in its original packaging.


Inhalers must be in their original packaging/case. Please make sure you have one inhaler for home and one for school. We will not send the inhaler home every day. The inhaler must remain in the Health Suite for the duration that the student needs the medication.

Nebulizers will not be administered at Al-Huda School. If your child is in need of such treatment then this must be administered at home. We will not accept nor store nor administer nebulizers to any student.

If the nurse or designated individual makes a referral to see a doctor, then the student will not be allowed back to school without a doctor’s note and consent.
These policies and procedures do not include long-term or maintenance medication. Al-Huda school does not have the resources to administer such medication on a regular basis to students.

Administration of Medication Off-Site

If a student is in need of medication while on a school field trip or any other school sponsored events held off campus, then the parent’s MUST accompany his/her child.

If the parent/guardian cannot accompany his/her child to any school sponsored trips off campus, then
the student will not be allowed to attend.


All student health concerns must be directed to the Health Suite. Do not administer any medication in the classrooms.

Teachers are not to collect or receive any medication or forms regarding the medication directly from
a parent or student. Ask the parent to turn in the medication and accompanying form to the Health Suite.