Muhammad Jalloh: Our 127th Hifzh School Graduate!


Allahu Akbar! 13 year old Muhammad Jalloh is our 127th Hifzh school graduate!

The Journey

Having been with Al-Huda School since he was a little preschooler, Muhammad Jalloh joined the Hifzh program 3 years ago in an attempt to build a stronger connection with the Quran. Surrounded by his fellow Hifzh classmates, teachers, and his family, Muhammed celebrated his graduation earlier today by reciting the final ayat he memorized – the last page of Surah Baqarah. A round of “Takbeer!” followed, with short speeches given by Br. Zahid and Br. Haroon in honor of this monumental event.

Perfect Tool to Navigate the Dunya

It’s always an awe-inspiring experience seeing one of our Hifzh students graduate, especially when they’re so young. Our eyes tear up and hearts swell with pride as we gain another member of our Ummah who carries the light of Islam within them, the perfect guiding tool as they begin to navigate through life. “Teaching the Quran at a young age ensures our children grow up on the fitrah,” said Br. Zahid Adetoro, one of the Hifzh school teachers. “The light of wisdom enters their hearts before desires can take over.”

In a world full of desire-centric ideals and hyper-individualistic mentalities, it has become all the more important that we collectively strive as an Ummah to foster the wisdom of the Quran in our youth.

“The generation of children has rights over us to instill within them Islam and the Quran,” Br. Zahid continued. “The Sahabah understood its importance, and knew the Ummah will remain in a good position, as long as its children learn the Quran.” Embracing the wisdom of the Quran during their Hifzh journey gives our students a strong Muslim identity, providing them with the tools they need to not be swayed by the fitna that surrounds them. “That is the purpose of what we do at Dar-us-Salaam,” said Br. Haroon. “It is not just the memorization of the Quran, but the understanding and implementation of it in our lives as well.” 

An Emotional Accomplishment

The speeches end, and an excited Muhammad Jalloh rises from his chair, hugging his mother first, then his father. Smiles and hugs are shared all around as his family gathers to take celebratory pictures with our new Hafizh. We congratulate Muhammad Jalloh and his family on this beautiful accomplishment! May Allah allow the Quran to continue to light your hearts and to be your companion throughout life. 

Hifzh School- A Dream Come True

Allah has blessed us with 127 graduates from the Hifzh School, and with your continued support, we will continue to raise many more Huffadh of this new generation InshaAllah. Thank YOU for making this possible, May Allah bless you all for supporting our cause!

Watch the graduation here. 

Author: Cubic Themes