Al-Huda's Opening Day 2023!

The much awaited opening day had arrived, and it could not have been merrier for the school staff! Bright and cheery faces greeted our dear principal Dr. Haroon Baqai as he stood at the entrance to welcome Al-Huda’s beloved students. 

You could feel the butterflies in the little tummies of kindergartners as they arrived with their shiny new backpacks and neatly polished shoes. Blushing, the little ones greeted him back. 

And in that moment, you get to see that Al-Huda is not merely a place where books are read out and notes are written. It is an environment where a child builds lifelong relationships, and where instructors genuinely care about their students. 

The main goal of Al-Huda School is to develop the student's identity as Abdullah (a male servant of Allah), and Amatullah (a female servant of Allah). It is for them to live by their identities outside of this cozy community, Br. Haroon Baqai highlighted.

He shared the three words Al-Huda lives by, to Know Allah, to Show Islam, and to Glow with Islam. The aim is to not force the teachings of Islam. Rather it is to make them fall in love with Allah, so that they would carry their deen with pride on their sleeves wherever they go. 

The start of the new school year was filled with beautiful moments, and glowing faces, and we pray that it remains so at all times. May Allah allow us to fulfill our purpose by educating the future of this ummah! 





Author: Cubic Themes