Al - Huda School Launches Bold New Islamic Studies Curriculum


Media Contact: Aisha Carter

November 19, 2021, (College Park, M.D.) - Al-Huda School and Al-Huda Global are pleased to announce the launch of a bold initiative to bring authentic Islamic education to the youth with its new Islamic Studies curriculum.

“There is nothing quite like this curriculum in the English-speaking Muslim community,” says Al-Huda High School Islamic Studies teacher Dalia Elamawy. “It combines traditional Islamic teachings with modern, real-life application- something our youth have seen a lack thereof in other taught curriculums.” 

The curriculum has been researched, developed, and implemented in-house by Al-Huda School. But the hope is that, in future, the curriculum will be used in Islamic institutions worldwide. “In a world where morality is obscure at best, and spirituality has taken a back seat to instant gratification and religious doubts, it is that much more critical to equip ourselves and our youth with the right tools to deal with life’s challenges,” adds Elamawy.

There are three books now published as part of the Journey to Allah and Gratitude to Allah series for use in high school Islamic Studies classes. The published books are:

  • What is Your Belief? - A ‘Aqeedah (belief) textbook that focuses on finding peace through knowing purpose, knowing Allah as the Creator, and making Allah the focus of one’s life.
  • Fiqh: A Practical Guide to Worship Allah - A textbook on usool-ul-fiqh (the basic foundations of ritual worship).
  • Life Skills: A Muslims’ Guide to Everyday Life - A book that covers a wide range of interpersonal skills and behaviors to help students in navigating the demands and challenges of life.

This news comes in the wake of recent studies that show an alarming trend. In one study by Pew Research Center, an alarming 20 percent of those who were raised as Muslim do not identify as Muslim in adulthood. With the launch of the new Islamic Studies curriculum, the intention is to not only act as a counterweight to this trend, but to actually turn it around and become a means to the increase of authentic Islamic identity and presence globally.

The school will host a launch reception on Saturday, Nov. 20th at noon, and is inviting members of the community to engage with speakers through interactive activities. To attend RSVP here.




For over 20 years, Al-Huda School has worked to achieve four comprehensive goals through the implementation of its unique curriculum and teachings. These goals include: knowing Allah his beautiful names and attributes, and the character traits that we derive from those names. Showing gratitude to Allah through our hearts, tongues, bodies, as well as in our interactions with Allah, ourselves, and the community. Glowing with the message of Islam and sharing it with Muslims and non-Muslims. Growing an intentional community where Islam is practiced as a complete way of life. Recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the top Islamic schools in the nation, Al-Huda School is a full-time, accredited KG to 12th grade Islamic school that has raised the bar of Islamic education to new heights.
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Author: Aisha Carter