Fee Schedule

Annual Tuition Rates

KG through 12th Grade Annual Tuition Rates

Tuition Schedule (billing starts in August)
Annual Monthly*
Al-Huda School


1st Child $10,409 $1,040.90
2nd Child $7,805 $780.50
3rd Child $6,246 $624.60
4th Child $4,163 $416.30
5th Child $4,163 $416.30
6th Child $4,163 $416.30
Study Hall Fee^ $1,300 $130.00

Additional Fees

These additional fees help fund general student activities, cover expenses related to the annual standardized testing, computer and science lab upkeep, student incentive programs, subsidizing field trip costs and general safety and security for the students and staff at Al-Huda School.

Fees Schedule
Blackbaud Fee $50 charged per family account
Activity Fee (AHS) $220 non-refundable
Map Testing $15 KG to 11th grade
Security Fee $150
New AHS student application fee $40 non-refundable
Acceptance Fee (Deposit) $300 non-refundable,
to be applied to 1st month's tuition
Daily Study Hall Fee $10 between 4pm to 6pm

Books and Uniforms

Parents will be responsible for purchasing all books and uniforms for their child(ren). Books and uniforms will be made available at the Al-Huda Bookstore