Educational Philosophy

The spirit of discovery and exploration has always been part of the Islamic legacy; the curriculum of Al-Huda School is based on this precept. It combines the high standards of Maryland State Standards with Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies. Using proven instructional methods based on understanding and the latest educational technology, teachers provide students with an enriched academic experience.

The mathematics program caters to each student according to his ability; students who need reinforcement in basic computational skills can get additional help, while students who show an aptitude for higher level mathematics are given advanced instruction.

AHS Girls science classScience classes are centered around the creative process. Experiments and labs keep students guessing, trying, and learning. Art lessons encourage children to explore their imaginations within an Islamic framework. A high emphasis is placed on student reading in the Language Arts program.

The Arabic language curriculum is unique in that all of its teachers are native Arabic speakers who have degrees in the Arabic language or related fields. In our most important subject in the school;  Qur'an, our highly trained teachers aim for recitation fluency with meticulous detail to tajweed (proper recitation), memorization with understanding of the passages is emphasized.

At Al-Huda School we believe, the heart of our education is the education of the heart which is reflected in our Islamic Studies classes, special care is taken to ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding and application of the basic principles of the Islam and the Islamic way of life. As with all the other subjects at Al-Huda School, the teaching of Islam is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Math, Science, Social Studies, and all other subjects draw from Islam to reinforce the idea that all knowledge is a continuum, and that all of it comes from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

We take great care in selecting teachers who not only have knowledge and experience in the education field, but have also infused the Islamic character into their personalities. Many of our teachers were born or raised in the United States and therefore have unique insights into the experiences of the Al-Huda student body.

Our teachers are professional, dedicated, and innovative. They care about the children, and the children care about them. Our instructors are all degree holders from some of the finest universities and institutions in the area. However, this is not the only qualification that makes our teachers what they are. It is their dedication to the Islamic lifestyle that makes them much more: role models.