For all positions listed: Applicants must have legal authorization to work in the United States. 

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Employee Testimonials

“Along with the professional, personal, and spiritual growth that I gained from being part of Dar-us-Salaam, this place helped me raise my children in a safe and accepting environment Walhamdullah. I can always get the right and sincere advice from this community.”

“When I was struggling a bit with my health early on in the school year, I was greeted with concerns from administration as well as having Ansar-ul-Bir cook for my family, which lightened my load and allowed me to focus on getting better. I really felt like part of the community, although I had just joined the staff. Jazakallahu khair for all that you do!”

“While working at Dar-us-Salaam I have met many wonderful people. It’s amazing subhanAllah, how a group of people from totally different backgrounds can work together and care for one another because they have one goal and that is to please Allah SWT. I feel that working at Dar-us-Salaam has strengthened my iman.”

Why work with Dar-us-Salaam?

  • To be in an islamic environment and surround myself with reminders of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).
  • To be able to take more advantage of the opportunities to learn that are available here.
  • I love what I do at DUS and find it interesting, challenging and deeply satisfying. When I feel frustrated by daily issues, I remember that and feel refreshed.
  • To have good company—role models to learn from.
  • To establish something for myself after I have passed away.
  • To practice my Islam without compromising anything.
  • To learn about Islam.
  • To learn how to implement Islam in my life.
  • I feel working for a model community is the only comprehensive work.
  • I don’t have kids and I need something to benefit me after I die.
  • I feel I know and trust the leadership, and I latched myself on to those I know and trust among the believers.
  • I heard a khutbah about how help was needed. I thought that perhaps what I could do at one of the fundraisers. So I said to myself I can do this inshaAllah. I wanted to do something, to work in a Islamic workplace.
  • Spend more of my time to please Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)
  • Use the talents that Allah (subhanahu w ta’ala) has given me to benefit community and others (dawah).
  • To please Allah by establishing the word of Allah.
  • To protect myself from being distracted or pulled by things which displease Allah.
  • To enrich my iman and my deeds so Allah will grant me shahadah in His way.
  • To safeguard my religion in this time of fitnah.
  • Sadaqah Jariyah
  • Excuse in front of Allah on Day of Judgment
  • A reason for the victory of Islam.
  • The sweetness of doing the work of the Prophet.
  • Fulfilling our purpose in life.
  • To gain Allah’s Mercy (O Allah, we tried our best)
  • Working in a non muslim organization did not provide the satisfaction and fulfillment DUS has provided the missing satisfaction and has helped me to fulfill the motivation to be more beneficial to people and specifically Muslims.
  • It is like the arc of Noah in the midst of the waves of shirk and corruption around us, in the US or perhaps in the world.
  • Because the sight of the people here reminds me of Allah. The words of many people increase my knowledge, the dedication of brothers and sisters reminds me of the hereafter.
  • Just so exciting and thrilling to work and I see accomplishments with so minimal resources.
  • To worship Allah.
  • To serve the Muslims.
  • Agree with the mission of DUS.
  • Islamic environment.
  • Excellent company mashaAllah that have been good example for me.
  • Making a (Islamic) difference in someone’s life.
  • Pray 5 times a day in the masjid.
  • Not to miss jamat because of meetings.
  • To work with Muslims.
  • Support dawah.
  • Because I can be connected with Allah and great muslim community.
  • I see the world very closely own. Working with people.
  • Feel protected.
  • My kids come here and get great knowledge of our Deen.
  • To be me and my kids in a muslim environment.
  • To help the Muslims.
  • Use the knowledge of the dunya and deen in best action for the establishment of Islam. So every step of action is rewarded for the akhirah.
  • To be in good company for the sake of Allah.
  • To be able to (better) practice Islam
  • To be reminded of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala at all times.
  • To increase my opportunities to serve Islam.
  • To establish some sadaqah jariyah.
  • Strengthen my deen.
  • Develop a closeness with the community and Allah.
  • Help the community grow as a whole.
  • To be with the Muslims and be reminded of Islamic principles and attitude.
  • To be able to make salaah in jamaah.
  • To have the opportunity of earning my salary in halal way.
  • To be a better for model for my child.
  • To do something concrete to help Muslims.


Benefits vary from department to department, but in general, all employees of Dar-us-Salaam and its subsidiaries enjoy the following employee benefits:

  • Islamic working environment
  • Health benefits (medical and dental insurance)
  • Tuition discounts for staff children
  • Professional development programs
  • Paid sick and personal leave
  • Paid holidays that match the Islamic calendar (i.e. both Eids)

If you run into any issues submitting your job application online, please email us at jobs@darussalaam.org