Al-Huda School has been fully accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) since the Fall of 2007 through 2022, masha'Allah. Check our accreditation.

Accreditation is a multifaceted evaluation process that schools and school systems voluntarily use to demonstrate they are meeting a defined set of research-based performance standards. CESS-MSA accredits early-childhood through post-secondary, non-degree granting public, private, faith-based educational institutions including special purpose schools, and learning services providers. In its 130 years of operations, CESS-MSA has accredited hundreds of schools in the U.S. and overseas. 

Al-Huda School was the first Islamic School that received its accreditation from CESS-MSA in 2007, Alhamdulillah. 

Timeline and Accreditation Documents (2022)

Important links:

  • Self-Study to Middle States Association
  • MSA Team Oral Report - March 16th at 6 pm EST (Click here to join the webinar)

Accreditation 2022

February 15

Phase I

March 17

Phase II

April 30

Phase III - Step 1

  • Standard Surveys completed by Al-Huda School stakeholders (Parents, Students, and Staff)
  • Submit evaluation application to MSA
May 30

Phase III - Step 2

  • Collect student performance data (MAP Testing Data)
  • Identify organizational capacity objectives
October 8

Phase IV - Step 1

  • Draft objectives
    • Student Performance Objectives
    • Organizational Capacity Objectives
October 18

Phase IV - Step 2

  • Technical Review Submitted to the Middle States Association
October 19

Phase IV - Step 3

October 25

Phase V

  • Start action plans for the approved objectives by Middle States Association
February 2

MSA Pre-Visit

  • MSA Team Chair visit the school (virtual visit via Zoom)
February 11

Phase VI - Step 1

  • Submitted Final Self-Study to Middle States Association