About Al-Huda

What began as a small project in 1995 has grown to become today's Al-Huda School: a private full-time preK-12th grade college preparatory and Islamic studies school accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (msa-cess) . Al-Huda is located in College Park, Maryland, and enrolls up to 600 students each year.

Al-Huda School is very diverse: our student families represent over fifty (50) countries!

Al-Huda School maintains complete preK-12th grades for both boys and girls. Each has its own private classrooms with Muslim teachers, and all share Muslim staff and administration.

We offer students a well-rounded academic and Islamic studies education that prepares them to lead their communities.  Our slogan is "Where Guidance Is Part of the Curriculum." Al-Huda School delivers the Maryland State Voluntary Curriculum in a Muslim context. We enhance students' experience of each subject with Islam as a complete way of life. Additionally, we offer five College Board-approved AP (Advance Placement) level courses that students may complete for up to 15 college credits as they graduate from Al-Huda High School!

More than a School

Al-Huda School is just one of many projects that Dar-us-Salaam maintains to foster a vibrant Muslim community in the National Capital Region area. Dar-us-Salaam also offers:

  • Full-time boys' and girls' Hifzh School
  • Full-time Daycare/Preschool
  • The Muslim Link newspaper
  • Salaam Media
  • Islamic Information Center
  • Qur'an Institute (evenings and weekends)
  • Aqabah Karate
  • Ansar-ul-Birr Community Services
  • Zakah Foundation
  • Tooba University

The total combined student body from all of our educational programs is over 700 students.