Procedures & Requirements

Al-Huda School is equipped for teaching average and above average children who do not have any special learning, speech, physical, or behavioral problems. All new students are on probation for the first 8 weeks. Those showing special needs or problems will not be able to continue at the school. A child entering grades other than kindergarten must have successfully completed the previous grade for entry into Al-Huda School.

A special admission policy exists for grades Kindergarten and 1st grade and is outlined later in this section.

Admission Requirements

Parents must complete the application and registration process as outlined below before an admissions decision can be made:

For New Students

Application for Admission will need to provide all of the following

  • Completed application form
  • Non-refundable application fee of $40
  • Copies of any previous school records including report cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Current immunization records
  • Standardized test results
  • Recommendation letter from Principal and/or teacher of last school attended and masjid authority (if requested)
  • Admission test
  • Interview with student (4th-8th graders) and/or parents (if requested)

Applications will be screened on the basis of the application filing date, previous school performance/recommendation and oral and/or written examinations to determine eligibility for admission to Al-Huda School. You will be notified as to when the admission tests will be given.

Admission Requirements for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

KG Admission Requirements:

Students should turn 5 years old by September 1st of the academic year. Students who are under-age for KG (will not turn 5 years old by September 1st but they will turn 5 years old by or before December 31st of the academic year) can be admitted under the following conditions: the parents must

  1. Initiate the request for admission in writing to the school stating the reasons why your child should be warranted early admission (fill the form)
  2. Submit documents supporting your request for early admission (the child has attended a pre-school program or an equivalent program, a recommendation letter from the child's pre-school/program teacher describing the child's academic, physical, and social development and progress, etc?)
  3. Submit a signed agreement from the parents stating:
    1. Students will be on probation for the 1st quarter.
    2. Students progress (academic/behavior/physical) will be monitored during this time.
    3. A parent conference will be scheduled if the student's progress is not at level.
    4. Students who are not at level by the end of the 1st quarter will not be allowed to continue in school.

The agreement must be signed by the parents and submitted to the school before admission can be granted.

1st Grade Admission Requirements:

New students who are under-age for 1st grade (will not turn 6 years old by December 31st of the academic year) will not be accepted into Al-Huda school for the 1st grade (they may apply for KG).


In order for a student's registration to be complete the parents must:

  1. Complete all application information listed earlier in this manual.
  2. Fill out the Registration Forms (A variety of forms must be completed and signed by parents including a registration form and cumulative record file release form.)
  3. Fill out and sign the Financial Agreement form before a student is allowed to attend classes.

Provisional Acceptance/Re-admittance

Parents of provisionally accepted or re-admitted students must attend all Parent-Teacher Conferences and any other meeting deemed necessary for the success of their child. This also applies to students put on probation for academics (D/F in any subject) or behavior. Success depends upon the cooperation of the home with the school. Failure of parental participation in the educational process may lead to student expulsion.

Returning Students

Students who are currently enrolled at Al-Huda School and want to continue enrollment for the following year must notify the school during the period of re-enrollment in order to reserve a space. Returning students must be up to date on tuition and other school financial obligations. Enrollment is contingent upon successful completion of the current grade and satisfactory behavior. The Re-registration fee is $250 of which $225 will be applied towards the first month's tuition.